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New York Importing and Distribution Center

Located at 300 Woodbury Road, Woodbury, New York is a central receiving location on Long Island, New York. This location is perfectly setup for accepting freight of flowers to this central distribution site. It is 100% climate controlled, so all of the received floral product is refrigerated. We are perfectly setup for truck routes to drive to, as we are 2 minutes from all major highways, such as the Long Island Expressway, The Northern Parkways, The Seaford Oyster Bay Expressway, and 1 minute off the Jericho Turnpike.

Our Facility

This site is currently setup for receiving product in any quantities from 25/30 boxes to 100 boxes to 500 boxes per client,
with absolutely no problem what-so-ever. We can currently house 2000 boxes, with dimensions of by 10 in., by 6 in.;
41 in. by 10 in. by 5 in.; and 39 in. by 10 in. by 4 in., with immediate plans of expansion to a 5000 box facility.


Boxes Per client


Boxes housed

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The Business Concept

This new concept which is standard in major airport markets such as Miami, Los Angeles, and San Francisco, is setup here at 300 Woodbury Road with a similar concept in mind.

Consider that now you may sell your product from Columbia, Ecuador, Costa Rica, Peru, Chile, or Miami, or California, from your own hub location, and now also with your inventory from this NEW additional 2nd location.

Your sales can leave your main Hub by truck, (which may take two to three days to your client), or by Air, (which means it is received at the end of the following day to your client, ready for sale the next day), or now from this distribution center, which enables your clients to receive the product instantly, right now, without delay, which would satisfy their immediate order request from their own customers. This enables you to extend increased SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE.

This concept is well thought of, and organized, so without fail, all of your product can now be inventoried, 1500 to 2,000, to 3,000 or more miles away, and be set for immediate sale, rather than having your product delayed to your client as they wait for trucking, or flying, which often has delays.

You of course would pre-sell the product, send out an email, or fax paid receipt for the product that you have sold from your inventory. It is quite easy and simple and effective. Your client would then gladly drive within minutes to pick up your product from your New York-Long Island Warehouse.

There is No need for purchasing a building, No need for rent expense, No property tax expense, No need for insurance expense, No need for electric and gas utility expense, No additional employee expense, and No repair/maintenance bills to consider either. Your cost is per box at a reasonable rate of $2.95 cents per box received. THAT’S IT! This minimal cost will then be turned around by you with increased service to your client, much more availability, easier sales, (instead of regarding the direction of shipping by truck/air/etc.), and increased market share.

Features of our facility include

Our footprint provides a tested, reliable supply infrastructure with no investment, a pay as you go policy.
Retail/wholesale compliant order processing from your base, your packaging, labeling, shipping documentation, and transportation to our facility. We then receive your product to advance to your client for you
Additional Ticketing, labeling packaging, and personalization is possible, and other value-added services which reduce cycle times, streamline store/client receiving, improve product presentation, and ready products for your clients
Proven inventory management solutions minimize your inventory investment and maximize inventory accuracy
Minimize investment in systems and infrastructure by leveraging our operations and expertise to plug into our existing facilities
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Proven and Effective

Now you can beat your competition by offering product to them by shipping 3 different ways, instead of 2. From your current location to ship by truck, or from your current location to ship by air, or from your NEW Long Island location to sell from Long Island, since it is HERE on Long Island for immediate delivery.

Consideration is that you have an option to now increase the cost of each flower by .10 cents, or .15 cents a flower, or more, if you wish, since you have totally increased your service by 1000% by making it immediately available right now. The client does not have to pay for trucking, nor air cost, and so you benefit with a higher mark up since you are selling and delivering the product to them immediately without any delay.

Please let us know your thoughts, and considerations.